Rick Latona Auctions NO RESERVE Summer Slow Auction Starts Thursday

[news release] The Rick Latona Auctions NO RESERVE online auction starts Thursday, July 23, 2009.  Room is still left for submissions.

Summer slowdown got you down? It’s hot out there if you are in the northern hemisphere. That’s why we are throwing our domain stimulus package in the form of a no reserve auction.

We are running the best 100 names that get submitted. There won’t be 101 names or more in the auction. We still have room left; in fact, we’ll have room left up until the very start of the auction. If a better name gets submitted, the worst name drops out.

The auction will last one week and it starts Thursday so submit your names!!

Registration and bidding will be at www.proxibid.com/ricklatona starting July 23. All technical questions regarding Proxibid registration and bidding can be answered by calling toll free 877.505.7770 from inside the US or +1.402.505.7770 from outside the US.