Review: The iPad? Well, it’s not exactly the Apple of my eye

Everywhere I went last week, people asked: “Well, what do you think of it, then?” The “it” was my shiny new iPad, aka the Jesus Tablet, but I stoutly declined to give an answer. I’ve been around long enough to be suspicious of first reactions to fancy gizmos, so I resolved to live with the device for a week, using it as much as possible and recording my impressions in an online diary before reaching any conclusions. The week is now up, so here goes.First, the iPad is insanely, eye-wateringly expensive, especially in this country. So if you’re thinking of getting one, find a friend who’s going to the US and get him or her to buy you one over there. I paid nearly £700 for the top-of-the-range 64GB Wi-Fi+3G model, based on many bitter years of discovering the two great truths of life: you can never be too thin and you can never have too much computer memory. In this case, however, I was wrong. Everything I needed to do with the iPad could have been done with the base model (16GB, Wi-Fi only, £429). So I have effectively just blown £270. I’ll put it down to experience. For everyone else, the message is caveat lector.Second, it’s really just an iPod Touch on steroids. I’ve had a Touch for ages and it’s a wonderful little device that functions as an email machine, occasional web browser, podcast and music player, calculator, internet radio receiver, ebook reader and more besides. It’s small enough to slip into a shirt pocket and goes everywhere with me.

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