Review: Norton Internet Security 2009 Moves at Warp Speed

Norton’s internet security problems have a reputation of being rather bloated and taking up quite a chunk of system resources. I should know since I’ve voluntarily used them for years. But the most recent versions have managed to address these issues.Internet Security 2009 sat waiting for me to trial for a while, finally getting installed recently on my notebook. Unhappy with the speed of my notebook I had begun thinking of a replacement. But installing Internet Security 2009 has somewhat changed things.Previously I was running Norton 360 version 2.5, and while I couldn’t blame all the lack of punch at times on this, it was hogging system resources. Especially on start-up. Start-up times were around the three minute mark on my notebook with Windows XP. Uninstalling Norton 360 took start up down to just over the two minute mark (around 2 minutes 10 seconds on average) and installing Norton Internet Security 2009 saw a maximum of an increase in start-up of 20 seconds, but often the start-up times seemed no different to those when there was no internet security installed.Norton claims that its Internet Security 2009 is the fastest security suite available based on performance testing conducted by PassMark Software in August 2008. It also has a handy service called Insight that targets only those files at risk for faster, fewer and shorter scans.And looking at the amount of resources Internet Security 2009 was using via the handy user interface showed a minimal use of system resources. The user interface is also clean and easy to follow.Installation was simple and took ten minutes from CD insertion to operation including system updates, which was followed by a lengthy system scan. But computer operation was fine while this took place.Once installed, Internet Security 2009 works in the background seamlessly only notifying you of any issues that occur, if they do at all, via small pop-up boxes from the bottom right taskbar.I also watched as a non-computer literate friend installed Internet Security 2009 on their relatively new desktop computer. Probably the first time he had ever installed internet security of any type, he found installation relatively straightforward as well. The only subsequent comment was there appeared to some slowdown in computer start-up, but nothing that was hindering their computer use. In the three months since installation there have been no issues.While I can’t comment on other internet security packages as I have never tried them, for better or worse, I can say Norton Internet Security 2009 is a simple-to-use and install package that uses a minimal amount of resources. Which in itself is a welcome change to previous Norton packages.There is also now free technical support from Norton, something in bygone eras I would have loved. But with the much improved simplicity of Internet Security 2009, maybe Norton has figured there will be little use for such support.There are a host of other functions in the Internet Security 2009 such as its ability to block identity theft, monitor home secure network connections and more safely connecting to Wi-Fi, spam and virus filters for email, phishing protection, parental controls, SONAR behavioural protection, parental protection and the list goes on.Now, if only Norton would allow me to mute those annoying Foxtel ads that blurt out loud disturbing the peace…I highly recommend Norton Internet Security 2009 for its ease of use, simple installation, the limited resources it uses and most importantly, the protection it gives personal computer users.And just in case you are using an older computer, one will need Windows XP or Vista to use Internet Security 2009.Norton Internet Security 2009 is available for A$99 for use on up to three computers, or an extra $15.99 for a copy of the CD as well, when bought online. It is also available through most computer stores and electrical retailers.More information on Norton Internet Security 2009 is available here.Disclaimer: a copy of Norton Internet Security 2009 was provided for review.

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