Revealed: how Google enlisted members of US Congress it bankrolled to fight $6bn EU antitrust case

Google enlisted members of the US congress, whose election campaigns it had funded, to pressure the European Union to drop a €6bn antitrust case which threatens to decimate the US tech firm’s business in Europe.The coordinated effort by senators and members of the House of Representatives, as well as by a congressional committee, formed part of a sophisticated, multimillion-pound lobbying drive in Brussels, which Google has significantly ramped up as it fends off challenges to its dominance in Europe. see:How Google’s antitrust siege began not far from Windsor Castle ramparts
It began in the English home counties, not far from Windsor Castle, when a small shopping comparison website decided to launch a complaint against Google with the European commission.Berkshire-based Foundem formally accused Google in November 2009, claiming the Silicon Valley company abused its monopoly position by deliberately and systematically lowering rivals’ sites in its search engine results.

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