Resuming Negotiations, Pursuit of Yahoo Shows Microsoft Needs a Franchise

Two weeks after walking away from takeover talks with Yahoo, Microsoft made clear on Sunday that it still needed to create an Internet powerhouse that could rival Google — and that its interest in Yahoo had not waned.Microsoft said on Sunday that it had approached Yahoo, this time with an ostensibly narrower aim: a collaboration on Internet advertising. But it hinted that it could still seek a takeover down the road., Yahoo! Resume Talks
Microsoft said Sunday that it is considering doing an unspecified deal with Yahoo!, but it’s not seeking another acquisition of the Internet portal–at least for now.The Redmond software giant has “raised with Yahoo! an alternative that would involve a transaction with Yahoo! but not an acquisition of all of Yahoo!,” Microsoft said in a statement. mulls fresh Yahoo deal
Microsoft has said it is considering a deal with Yahoo which would not involve a full buyout of the company., Microsoft discuss alternative deal
Under pressure from disgruntled shareholders, Yahoo Inc. has begun a new round of strategic talks with Microsoft Corp. that have focused on a deal short of an outright takeover, Microsoft said today.,0,4927937.storyMicrosoft, Yahoo Discuss New Deal
Microsoft is once again in negotiations with Yahoo and could make another bid to acquire the company, Microsoft officials announced yesterday.For now, however, Microsoft is in discussions with Yahoo regarding a limited “transaction” but not a deal in which Microsoft would buy all of Yahoo, the company said in a statement. proposes alternative deal to Yahoo
Microsoft Corp said on Sunday it has proposed an alternative deal to Yahoo, rather than a full acquisition, in a move that could save the web pioneer from fighting a proxy battle with financier Carl Icahn.

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