Results from Rising Star of the Domain Market .IN Auction

sedo-logoSedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetisation provider just wrapped up the hosting of a successful auction of premium .IN domain names. In total the .IN Special Auction featured more than 100 premium .IN domains, all submitted by our users. The overall interest produced many more applications than the 100 selected, but a preset limit was in place to maintain a feasible quantity within the auction.

The total sales amount culminated in nearly $37K with the top seller, coming close to clearing $10K. Other names like, and more went for respectable prices with the emphasis on the auction being about generating awareness for these names as great investment opportunities. There was global interest with bids originating from countries like China, the US, Russia and as expected India.


The event’s success can be attributed to Sedo’s promotional activities at the recent WHD.India/NamesCon India as well as outreach through our extended partner network channels and from our Country Management team.

The auction results demonstrate that .IN domains are a valuable asset, one that will continue to grow in worth over the coming years.

Overall Results

Domain: Price: 9,950  USD 4,999 USD 3,800 USD 2,500 USD 2,000 USD 1,950 USD 1,500 USD 1,450 USD 1,200 USD 1,049 EUR 1,049 EUR 800 USD 750 USD 500 EUR 499 USD 499 USD 451 USD 399 EUR 310 USD 250 USD 161 GBP 150 USD 119 USD

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