Republicans Push Plan in US Net Neutrality Debate

The debate on Capitol Hill over the future of the Internet spilled into public view on Wednesday, as a pair of hearings took up a Republican proposal to put the issue in lawmakers’ hands.The two hearings, one in the House and one in the Senate, both addressed the Republican proposal, which would create new rules for so-called net neutrality — the concept that Internet traffic should be open and treated equally. And after a morning of harsh rhetoric in the House hearing, hints of a possible compromise emerged in the Senate. see:Net neutrality bunfight heads to Congress, with predictable results
Not one but two Congressional hearings over net neutrality have taken place this week, sparking a wave of letters, commentary, and advocacy but precious little resolution. Don’t Buy Republican Change of Heart on Net Neutrality
January 21, 2015 In a strange reversal of roles, Republican lawmakers on Wednesday called for net-neutrality legislation to restrict the ability of broadband providers to manipulate Internet traffic while Democrats showed little enthusiasm for the measure.

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