Reporters Without Borders slams Wikileaks

Reporters Without Borders has criticised the Wikileaks website’s “incredible irresponsibility” in publishing the names of Afghans who had helped international troops fighting insurgents.Wikileaks last month released on the internet around 70,000 classified US military documents on Afghanistan, some of which included the names of Afghan informants.In an open letter to Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, the media watchdog says it “regrets the incredible irresponsibility you showed when posting your article ‘Afghan War Diary 2004 – 2010’ on the Wikileaks website on 25 July”. see:Open letter to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange: ”A bad precedent for the Internet’s future”
Julian Assange
WikileaksDear Mr. Assange,Reporters Without Borders, an international press freedom organisation, regrets the incredible irresponsibility you showed when posting your article “Afghan War Diary 2004 – 2010” on the Wikileaks website on 25 July together with 92,000 leaked documents disclosing the names of Afghans who have provided information to the international military coalition that has been in Afghanistan since 2001.Wikileaks has in the past played a useful role by making information available to the US and international public that exposed serious violations of human rights and civil liberties which the Bush administration committed in the name of its war against terror. Last April’s publication of a video of the killing of two employees of the Reuters news agency and other civilians by US military personnel in Baghdad in July 2007 was clearly in the public interest and we supported this initiative. It was a response to the Obama administration’s U-turn on implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. The White House broke its word in May 2009, when it defied a court order and refused to release photos of the mistreatment of detainees in Afghanistan and Iraq.,38130.html

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