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Renewed DNS.be registration platform on 13 December 2011

DNS.be announced it has renewed its registration platform used by the network of 470 registrars to register and manage domain names. These registrars have access to this platform 24/7 via a web interface or a direct automatic interface.

Apart from this renewal the platform itself also moved to 2 new colocation spaces.
The objective is to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting, to be able to expand more easily in the future and to improve availability of our services. By optimising hardware and software we were able to save budget on the cost of operations, licences and maintenance.
The project started 12 months ago and DNS.be invested 385.000 euro in it.

Technical information on the project:

  • Replacement of old hardware by a modular and flexible solution with storage virtualisation, a completely new and modern architecture and new equipment.
  • Upgrade of the Oracle Database and migration to Linux.
  • Improvement of the internal and external multi homed network connectivity.
  • Addition of more security, audit trails, centralized user authentication and logging.
  • Implementation of a better configuration management and versioning system.
  • 2 completely new colocation spaces backing up 100% of each other’s equipment and service to our registrars.
  • Beginning of 2012: higher availability by means of load balanced servers.

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