Release of 1- and 2-Character .AT Domains Commences April logoFrom April 2016, the Austrian registry will begin a process for the release of one and two character .at domains, with 5,000 domains becoming available using letters, numbers and special characters.

Currently the minimum length of a .at domain name is three characters. This regulation goes back to a technical standard set in 1993 (RFC 1535), which is now outdated.

The release will be done in several stages that are based on those used for the new gTLDs process. The initial sunrise period will provide trademark holders (for trademarks registered before 1 July 2015) with the opportunity to apply for one or two character domains. Following will be an auction period for all contested domains. All domains not delegated during these periods will be available for general registration from September 2016.

Domains to be released will include letters, numbers and the special characters currently available when registering .at domains. For the IDN character set see

More detailed information will be released in April 2016.