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Winning Registry of the Year Tops List of EURid’s 2017 Achievements

EURid have announced that their winning the CENTR registry of the year award in 2017 was the icing on the cake for what was a very good year.

The last quarter of 2017 saw 223,440 new .eu domain name registrations, which put the .eu top level domain (TLD) at 3,815,055 registrations as of 31 December. When compared to Q3 2017, that compares to an increase of 43,750 domain names registered and 54,360 for the fourth quarter of 2016.

Developments from the fourth quarter included EURid’s continued support of Surfrider, a successful .eu Web Awards Gala, the release of the fall .eu Illustrated, introduction to EURid’s domain abuse prevention tool, hosting a green discussion panel at the 2017 Internet Governance Forum and the Registry of the Year Award at the 2017 CENTR Awards.

“Q4 2017 was a great quarter for us, particularly in seeing sustained growth not only in terms of registrations, but also in terms of registrar relations. Our registrar community grew by 8 members since Q3 and 30 members since the start of the year”, commented Giovanni Seppia, EURid’s External Relations Manager.

EURid works with 723 registrars who promote the .eu and .ею TLD to people all around the world. Winning the Registry of the Year Awards shows EURid’s commitment towards their registrars, as they represent those who voted on the Award.

The top growth countries in the quarter when compared to Q3 2017 were Ireland (+16.7%), Iceland (+14.2%), and Liechtenstein (+11.1%).