Registrars invited to vote for the “Registry of the Year” in CENTR Awards

2017-CENTR-Awards-logoCENTR is holding the third edition of its Awards this year and a new category has been launched for registrars to vote for the “Registry of the Year”.

The CENTR Awards aim at highlighting ccTLD registry projects, teams and people that are making a difference in our industry. This year, the community decided to spice things up by creating a new Award category that would be submitted to a vote from registrars (all other categories are submitted to a Jury or to a vote from the membership).

Registrars are asked: “Based on the quality of customer service (availability, response time) and quality of the business relationship in general, how would you rate the following registries?”.

There can only be a single submission per registrar (organisation), but registrars can rank as few or as many ccTLDs as they are selling (only those with which they have a direct relationship). For a registry to be counted in this category, it needs to receive ratings from at least 10 different registrars. Scores will be submitted to an average rating system. Deadline to vote: 14 September 2017.

If you are a registrar, vote now! Best of luck to all registries!

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