RegisterFly fire sale at hand?

RegisterFly fire sale at hand?The Register asks if RegisterFly could be up for sale? The Register has seen a copy of a letter of intent from Cogit offering to buy out RegisterFly’s CEO and sole shareholder Kevin Medina for $1.15m. The Register notes for the deal to proceed, it will have to proceed fast as RegisterFly would be worth nothing if it loses its accreditation. Further, a sale would not be a “bad thing for RegisterFly’s long-suffering customers” The Register is also somewhat skeptical of ICANN publicly citing “accreditation through purchase as a principal cause of the RegisterFly debacle as “it seems self-serving of ICANN to claim that if only it could have rejected RegisterFly’s application in the first place this would never have happened, when it took ICANN over a year to address the problem in any meaningful way, and even then only grudgingly after scathing public criticism.”

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