Register.BG To Release 2 Character Domains Via Secret Auction in 2018

The Bulgarian ccTLD operator, Register.BG, has announced they will be releasing 2-character domain names in Latin script in 2018 via a secret auction. Participants are required to submit a bid for their desired domain names in a sealed envelope with the first round of bidding closing on 6 February.

Currently domain names under the Bulgarian country code top level domain must be a minimum of 3 characters and contain letters, numbers or the “-“ symbol.

The rules and procedures for registration of the 2-character domain names are described in the following terms and conditions: 5.2.4, T. 5.2.5, T. 5.2.6. and 7.5, which are available here in Bulgarian only. But it appears the silent auction only applies to the domain names in the following formats:, and (L = letter and N = number). There are no specific eligibility requirements for the domain names being released apart from the general rules applying to .bg domain names, and the standard renewal fees will apply. The reserve price for all domain names I s€5,000.

Any unregistered 2-character domain names remaining shall be auctioned under the same conditions at 3 monthly intervals.