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Record-Breaking Quarter For .CLUB Sees $2.7m in Premium Sales

dotCLUB Superhero imageThe second quarter of 2017 was a stellar one for .club with 666, the number of the beast, premium domain names sold via auctions through the registrar channel and aftermarket platforms, and directly by the registry.

Total premium sales for the quarter were over $205,000 in one-time fees and more than $2.5 million in top-line value of domain names making monthly payments as part of the Easy Payments plan. The Easy Payments plan was launched in the first quarter of 2017 and allows for 60-month, no interest payments for any premium name priced at over $500.

214 of the 666 names sold during the quarter were sold at 393 names were sold by 30 different registrars in 13 different countries. 37 names were sold in auctions in China, and Sedo sold 21 names.

Total top-line premium name sales for Q2 2017, from all sources including subscriptions, came to a record-breaking $2,724,076.22, including buy-it-now sales of $205,201.22.

Notable sales in Q2 2017 included, sold by the registry for $9,000;, sold by for $8,760;, sold by Gandi for $7,849; and (which means “invest” or “investment” in Chinese), sold by Alibaba for $7,288.

In China, now that the .club registry has their MIIT license, there has been a growing demand for pinyin and meaningful names. Nearly 50% of all the premium names sold by registrars in China in Q2 were pinyin names.

There were also a number of cryptocurrency related names sold, reflecting the growing interest in that field.