Reach for your privacy settings: Facebook graph search goes public

Facebook is making its ‘Graph Search’ public today in an attempt to mine the wealth of data produced by users, utilising everything from places you’ve visited to your likes and photos.The product has been in beta for more than six months, but will now be rolled out to users with the “US English” language setting after “tens of millions of people have helped improve the product just by using it and giving feedback.” see:The Limits of Facebook’s Search Tool
As I reported in Monday’s New York Times, Facebook is rolling out its Graph Search feature on Monday to all of its English-language users in the United States.In theory, the tool, which has been undergoing refinement since public testing began in January, will allow users to search through their social network to find friends or other connections with a common link — say, “women who like Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi and live in San Francisco” (Facebook reports there are 12) or “my friends who like hiking.”

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