Report highlights concern heading into election: Ransomware attacks on the rise in the US

Cyberattacks that seize control of computers and hold them for ransom are on the rise, with the United States seeing a doubling of so-called “ransomware” attacks over the last three months compared to the previous quarter, according to Check Point Research, a cybersecurity firm.

The data back up a slew of alarming recent disclosures from hospital systems, city and county governments, and other targets that have been hit. Check Point recorded more than 300 ransomware attacks in the third quarter, up from roughly 150 in the second quarter.

News of the spike comes as Americans brace for a chaotic election — and a bumpy flu season that could exacerbate the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Global Surges in Ransomware Attacks
Organizations worldwide are in the midst of a massive wave of ransomware attacks. In the last 3 months alone, the daily average of ransomware attacks has increased by 50%. As these attacks continue to mature both in frequency and intensity, their impact on business has grown exponentially. In the past month, there has been reports about ransomware attacks targeting a shipping giant, a US-based broker and one of the largest watch-makers in the world.

Claiming a new victim every 10 seconds, ransomware has proved to be a lucrative attack method for cybercriminals. Check Point Research studied and analyzed this wave of recent attacks, and this blog details characteristics, the targeted countries, potential reasons for the wave, and tips on how organizations can prevent ransomware attacks.

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