Queen visits Google – and is amused by YouTube video of laughing baby boy

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were reduced to a fit of giggles when they toured the London headquarters of Google and were shown a YouTube video of a laughing baby boy.Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, were shown the two minute clip of the “Laughing Baby” video which, since it was uploaded on YouTube in 2006, has been viewed by a staggering 63 million people.
www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/theroyalfamily/3210566/Queen-visits-Google—and-is-amused-by-YouTube-video-of-laughing-baby-boy.htmlGoogle searches high and low for answer to Prince Philip’s query during royal visit
The bright young things at Google no doubt thought that they had got everything covered when the Queen visited their London HQ yesterday. The exciting new products were all up and running, and the staff had all rehearsed their presentations until they were word-perfect.There was only one thing that they had not reckoned with: the Duke of Edinburgh. He may be 87, an age when most men leave the latest advances in gadgetry to their grand-children, but Prince Philip has long been known for his interest in technology, and as he was shown round the offices in Victoria he was bristling with pertinent questions.
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article4956260.eceQueen Elizabeth II Visits Google’s British HQ
She sent her first e-mail in 1976. She has her own Web site. And on Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II uploaded video to YouTube during a visit to Google’s British headquarters.The company celebrated the queen’s visit by creating a special version of its google.co.uk home page, which featured a silhouette of her head as the second ‘G’ and a regal crown atop the ‘E’ in their logo.

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