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Quartet of 6 Figure Domain Name Sales Top “Weekly” Chart: UPDATE

Domain Name Journal logoA quartet of 6 figure domain name sales topped the Domain Name Journal chart for the fortnight ending 23 September, with coming out tops selling for $223,000 through ChiragChavda, who had 9 sales in the top 20 chart due to releasing sales for the year to date.

Coming in second was which sold for $220,000 through Flippa while came in third in a $127,400 sale through Sedo and an internationalised domain name, forbrukslÃ¥ (“consumer loan” in Norwegian) came in fourth selling for NOK1,000,000 ($123,000) in a private sale.

On the top level domain side of things, .com took out the top 11 places and 19 of the top 20 with the only sale being a .org domain name. On the aftermarket outlets, apart from the 9 sales from ChiragChavda there were 5 though Sedo and 3 through LMXE.

Update: Domain Name Journal noted that on 31/10 they learned the sale of was made on an instalment plan that had not been completed. As a result DNJ notes it should not have been listed as a completed sale and has been removed from their 2018 YTD Top 100 Sales Chart.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the fortnight ending 23 September in more detail, see: