Qatar’s Arabic Domain Names .قطر (.Qatar) Now Available to the Public

The Qatar Domains Registry has officially made their Arabic internationalised domain name .قطر (.Qatar) available through accredited registrars.

“The introduction of Arabic domain names is a major milestone in making the Internet accessible for all. Businesses and individuals will find great value in using the new Qatar-specific Arabic domain names, allowing them to position themselves as uniquely Qatar and connect with new audiences.” said Saleh Al-Kuwari, Chief Technical Manager at ictQATAR.

At the time of writing, there were over 11,300  .قطر domains already registered.

The Qatar-specific domain names are available to the public through accredited registrars that have been approved by Qatar Domains Registry. QDR adopted a Registry-Registrar based business model to encourage competition, choice and innovation. The Latin-script .QA domain names were made available to the public in September 2011, and now, users can register .قطر (.Qatar) through the same registrars. Trademark holders were able to register for the new .قطر (.Qatar) domain names prior to the public launch.

“We have seen tremendous initial interest in the .QA domain names and I expect equal interest in .قطر (.Qatar). Organizations that have bilingual or multilingual sites can now choose the most appropriate language for their domain name, allowing users to have a seamless web experience,” said Al-Kuwari.

To check the availability and register a Qatar-specific domain name visit the QDR website at ( ) or the Arabic domain ( http://نطاقات.قطر ) . If the domain name is available, you will be directed to the list of registrars you can choose from to purchase the domain name.

ictQATAR manages the Qatar Domains Registry and led the process with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the creation of an Arabic domain name for Qatar. Currently, many Qatari websites are using the new Arabic domain names, including:

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