Purely numeric .nl domain names available from 28 February

SIDN logo9292.nl is first numeric domain name to be assigned.

SIDN, the .nl registry, has announced that purely numeric .nl domain names will be available to everyone from 28 February 2008 12.00 hrs (CET). Numeric domain names are names made up entirely of numbers (e.g. 1234.nl), or of numbers separated by hyphens (e.g. 12-34.nl). In the first few days after registration begins, SIDN expects a ‘landrush’ of people racing to get the ‘best’ combinations. The registry has therefore put special measures in place to prevent its systems becoming overloaded. Full details of the start-line arrangements can be found at www.sidn.nl.

Between 1 and 14 December 2007, trademark and trading name owners were given the opportunity to reserve the corresponding domain names before general registration began. The first name to be reserved in the context of this ‘sunrise period’ for numeric .nl domain names was 9292.nl, which was assigned to the organisation 9292.

The travel information provider was very pleased to secure its purely numeric name. ‘The new domain name will make things more straightforward for the consumer. Once it goes live, people won’t have to remember to include the letters ‘OV’ when they want to access our services. Since more than half of the Dutch population know us simply as 9292, that means we’ll be easier to find for computer users and mobile users. In other words, becoming the first owner of a numeric .nl name, 9292 will be in a better position to realise the objective of providing as much travel information as possible to as many people as possible making car and public transport journeys in the Netherlands. The purely numeric domain name is something we’ve wanted for the last four years, and we are grateful to SIDN and the wider Internet community for making it possible. We can’t wait for the opportunity to start making use of 9292.nl,’ said Communications Manager Aarnout Mijling.

Look here for further information about the landrush for numeric domain names.

This announcement was originally sourced from SIDN’s website here.

To register your .nl domain name, check out Europe Registry here.