Public Interest Registry Launches New Online Resource Center

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.ORG, The Public Interest Registry is pleased to announce the launch of the .ORG Resource Center. Committed to improving the online experience of the .ORG Community, the Registry has created a comprehensive library of information, interactive tools, examples and guides to help community members harness the power of the Internet and social networks to advance their mission.

“The trends such as collaboration, community building, micro-donations and grassroots advocacy are all ones that fit right in with the values of the .ORG community,” says Director of Marketing Lance Wolak. “We are simply aligning proven tools to help our customers further enhance the viability and effectiveness of their .ORG websites.”

The .ORG Resource Center will serve as a guide through the many uses of .ORG, a non-restricted, versatile global domain name, along with examples of websites where one can see the numerous ways .ORG domain names are being used today. In addition, there is a wide variety of resources available, including social networking tools, wiki building software, fundraising gadgets for websites, technology resources for nonprofit organizations, best practices in web marketing, website building tools, and a number of other easy and useful free widgets for websites.

Also included is the “.ORG Featured Partner Program,” made up of companies with the experience to be a trusted provider to the .ORG Community. Featured Partners are highlighted with a link to their website as well as an in-depth description of their company, products and services.

“Social media’s ability to facilitate engagement, self expression and communication is a tremendously powerful weapon for .ORGs,” said Jeff Zaretsky, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at KickApps. “KickApps’ vision is based largely on making the power of social media as accessible as possible to every web publisher seeking to grow their website’s audience. We’re very excited to be included in the partner program and look forward to helping .ORGs further their mission.”

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About .ORG, The Public Interest Registry

Trusted across all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, .ORG is where people turn to find credible information, get involved, fund causes and support advocacy. .ORG, The Public Interest Registry empowers the global noncommercial community to use the Internet more effectively and, concurrently, takes a leadership position among Internet stakeholders on policy and related issues. The .ORG domain is the Internet’s third largest “generic” or non-country specific top-level domain with more than 6 million domain names registered worldwide. .ORG, The Public Interest Registry was founded by the Internet Society in 2002. It is based in Reston, Virginia, USA.