Public input into ICANN made easier with one-stop comment page

[news release] ICANN is making it easier for the community to review all of the issues in the consultation phase and to provide their comments with a new public comment page on the ICANN website.”This new webpage aims to provide a quick and simple entry point for people to read up and comment on ICANN’s ongoing processes, and thereby enhance and increase participation from the Internet community,” said Paul Levins, ICANN’s Executive Officer and Vice President, Corporate Affairs. “Like the recent launch of the ICANN Monthly Magazine, the page should also help people understand what issues are being discussed at ICANN, and how interested stakeholders can contribute.”The one-stop comment page is at There is also a link to it on every page of the main ICANN website, including the front page. The page clearly outlines which public comment periods are open, recently closed, or upcoming, and also provides a link to an archive. A separate comment box is provided for each comment period.Each comment section provides:

  • a brief explanation of what the comment period hopes to achieve,
  • links to relevant reports and/or webpages,
  • a link to the official announcement of the comment period,
  • a link to where all existing comments can be found, and,
  • an email link for anyone who wishes to send in a comment.

In addition to the public comment page, ICANN has already embarked on promised reforms of its consultation approach, outlined in its draft Frameworks and Principles for Accountability and Transparency (which are currently going through public comment and available at”We are committed to producing a summary and analysis of comments from each public comment period, and then posting that summary and analysis on the same comment forum,” Levins added.That summary/analysis has already been produced for a number of recently completed comment forums. As outlined in the draft consultation framework, ICANN will also request that the summary/analysis is explicitly referred to in subsequent discussions by the relevant body. This should aid in explaining to the wider community what the contributing factors are in reaching a final decision.The full draft consultation framework can be found”Our goal at ICANN with the one-stop comment page and our enhanced and reformed consultation approach is to make it easier for the Internet community members to have their say on the issues we are dealing with,” Levins said. “We really hope that people use the page to invest their time in ICANN, to share their ideas, and have a lasting impact on the direction ICANN is taking.”

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