Public Consultation Opens .AU Registration Policies Review

Registration policies for .AU domain names are currently being reviewed by the 2010 Names Policy Panel as part of the regular consultation process that takes place with the Australian community.

Some of the key issues discussed by the panel and raised in the discussion paper include should:

  • the restriction on registrants being Australian remain in place
  • the fixed 2 year domain name licence period be changed
  • single character domain names (a-z, 0-9) be introduced
  • leasing of domain names be permitted
  • registrations be allowed at the second level, i.e.
  • who is eligible to register a .AU domain name change
  • what type of second level domain name (e.g. COM.AU, ASN.AU, ORG.AU, NET.AU) registrants are eligible to register be changed
  • individuals be eligible to register domain name relating to personal interests (currently this is not allowed)
  • the Reserved List that includes a number of brand names be continued or changed
  • changes be made to the Domain Monetisation policy.

As a result of the consultation process, the panel will make recommendations to the auDA board on changes, if any, that they believe should be made to .AU registration policies.

AuDA has released an issues paper canvassing the issues involved with public comments due by 21 January 2011. Comments can be made by email or fax and there is also an online survey available at covering the questions raised in the issues paper.

The 2010 Names Policy Panel was appointed by auDA in August 2010 to:

  • review the policy framework underlying the allocation and use of domain names in the .au domain space
  • provide recommendations to the auDA board about what changes (if any) should be made to the policy framework.

To read the discussion paper [PDF], see

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Disclaimer: the author of this article is a member of the auDA 2010 Names Policy Panel