Public Comment: External Review of ICANN/IANA Root Zone Management Process Posted

ICANN logoDuring August and September 2009, ICANN engaged JAS to conduct an external review of the root zone management process, analyzing the current manual and proposed automated processes. The results were initially drafted in a report to ICANN in November 2009, and, with minor language changes, submitted to the Board IANA Committee in January 2010. Subsequently, JAS re-evaluated the risk analysis section after the successful ICANN/IANA business continuity exercise in January.

This document [PDF, 859 KB] contains that reconsideration, as well as the initial analysis. ICANN has committed, both through strategic and operational planning to ensure that the risks identified are mediated whenever possible. Through the IANA Business Excellence and Business Continuity Projects, future process reviews will be undertaken and given the same engaged response.

ICANN is posting this document to share with the community the findings and recommendations made by the external reviewer so that they may aid those developing policy in these areas, and to add transparency to how ICANN manages the IANA process. A comment forum will be opened for 45 days with the expectation that any suggestions for improvement will also be raised in the appropriate SO policy development process discussions.

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