Public asked to aid INTERPOL hunt for suspected paedophile

INTERPOL has released a series of images in a worldwide appeal to identify a man suspected of sexually abusing young boys, after a two-year investigation failed to determine either his identity or his whereabouts.The appeal comes on the back of a similar campaign last October, when police unscrambled images of a suspect’s ”swirly face” which subsequently led to the arrest of a Canadian in Thailand. It is only the second time the international police agency has appealed directly to the public to help identify a suspected paedophile.The images, which went online this morning, show a white man in his late 40s or early 50s with thinning hair, in a series of six photographs. Unlike the earlier case, he has not attempted to conceal his identity. makes public appeal in hunt for web paedophile [AP]
Interpol launched a worldwide public appeal yesterday to identify a man suspected of sexually abusing young boys from south-east Asia … images of whom had been spread on the internet. releases images of ‘paedophile’
Interpol has released images from the internet of a man it suspects of sexually abusing young boys.The international police agency is launching the worldwide appeal because two years of investigations have failed to identify the man.Pictures showing the man sexually abusing at least three boys were found on the internet, police say. you seen this man? [AP]
Interpol has launched a worldwide appeal to help identify a man suspected of sexually abusing young Asian boys, after images of the abuse were spread on the internet. appeal to identify man in child sex abuse images [news release]
INTERPOL is requesting the public’s assistance to identify this man, pictured in a series of child sexual abuse images posted on the Internet.The photos shown here were retrieved from the computer of a convicted paedophile, and are from a series involving at least three boys aged approximately six to 10 years old. They are believed to have been taken in Southeast Asia in 2000 and 2001.The investigationThese images were sent to the INTERPOL General Secretariat in March 2006 by Norwegian police, who discovered a number of abusive images featuring an unknown man while examining the home computer of a man they arrested in connection with the sexual abuse of children in Southeast Asia.INTERPOL’s child exploitation unit circulated the images to its global network of experts and potential matches received from around the world were then entered into INTERPOL’s Child Abuse Image Database (ICAID).A digital comparison of the pictures received and those already stored in ICAID has so far identified 800 images in this series all featuring the same victims and locations.Can you help?Anyone with information about this man’s identity and current location should contact their local police or the INTERPOL General Secretariat.Members of the public should not take any direct action themselves.

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