Proud Boys: Far-right group becomes LGBT trend online

Members of the LGBT community have been making #ProudBoys trend on social media by posting images of gay pride and pictures of themselves with loved ones.

The trend is part of efforts to drown out posts and content related to a far-right, anti-immigrant group of the same name.

Actors, artists and the Canadian armed forces are among those who have shared supportive pictures.

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LGBT Twitter users tease far-right group by taking over Proud Boys hashtag
Donald Trump provoked outrage when he refused to condemn white supremacists during the first presidential debate – instead giving a boost to the far-right group the Proud Boys by instructing them to “stand back and stand by”.

But LGBTQ Twitter users have now hit back at the president’s name-check of the hate group by hijacking the hashtag #ProudBoys and filling it with photos and messages of love and pride.

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