Protecting your brand from cybersquatters

With cybersquatters increasingly infringing on trademarks, business names and product names, as well as celebrity names, Computerworld has published their seven ways to avoid falling afoul of cybersquatters.Their seven suggestions come about from asking for tips from “professionals, as well as from experts at brand-abuse monitoring vendors and companies such as Lego Juris AS and InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) that have successfully fought cybersquatters.”As a result, their seven suggestions are:

  • Establish a policy to deal with the problem
  • Monitor new domain registrations
  • Build a portfolio of defensive domain-name registrations
  • Check your trademarks
  • Choose your battles
  • Pursue violators such as through suing under the federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act or the Lanham (Trademark) Act.
  • Get involved in efforts to thwart cybersquatters.

To read the detail of the seven suggestions, see the Computerworld article at: