PRODUCT REVIEW: Nokia Wireless Charger Proves Surprisingly Handy

Recent high end Nokia mobile phones come with the possibility for wireless charging, so when I was asked to review Nokia’s Wireless Charging Stand I thought why not, but did also think it would only be of limited benefit.The charging stand works simply enough – you plug it in, sit it on a desk or bench and sit your phone, in my case a bright red Nokia Lumia 920 that I find to be a marvellous phone, on it. And it charges. Simple. Using the built-in Qi wireless charging technology.It means you don’t have to unplug cables to pick it up and answer calls, although messaging, web browsing and using apps while it charges on the stand is not so convenient.But combined with the addition of Glance to Nokia phones recently, it means it also acts as a convenient clock.Whether you think the price makes it worthwhile is one thing, but it certainly is a handy charger. And it is not available for all Nokia mobile phones, so check your model is compatible first, or if a wireless charging shell is available.The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand was provided by MobileZap, and is available along with a wide range of accessories for a wide range of mobile devices from their website here.

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