What To Do When There Are Problems Transferring Domain Names

Transferring a domain name from one registrar to another should be a relatively straightforward procedure. But there will be times when it doesn’t happen which could be because of a dispute, court order or even a 60-Day Change of Registrant lock. There could even be issues with the terms and conditions from the existing registrar.

To explain some of the problems that might occur, ICANN has published its third post on their Blog to explain the issues. Disputes that could impact on a transfer could be “ongoing Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP) or Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS).”

A breach of the terms and conditions could be because of “evidence of fraud, your name is not listed as the registrant of record, or if you have an outstanding payment for a previous registration period.” However “non-payment for a pending or future registration period however is not grounds for denial of transfer.”

Another reason is the transfer “request falls within 60 days of the initial registration or a previous transfer.”

A domain name can’t be transferred if “it is in 'Registrar Lock' or 'Client Transfer Prohibited' status (sometimes used to protect against unauthorised transfers).” These statuses can be changed by contacting your registrar. The Blog post notes that “some registrars may provide you with the option to change these statuses yourself via your control panel. In either case, the registrar must provide you with the AuthInfo code needed to change the status within five calendar days of your request.”

And if there are problems, the post advises “you should know that you can always contact your registrar directly for assistance with transferring, even if you registered your domain name through a reseller or another service provider.” To find out who your registrar is, a search is available here.

And if after contacting your registrar and you are still not successful in your attempt to transfer your domain name, you can submit a formal Transfer Complaint with ICANN.

ICANN has provided the following resources:

The original ICANN Blog post by Trang Nguyen, Vice President of GDD Strategic Programs is available at: