The problem behind all of Twitter’s other problems: Its ill-fated foray into adult content is emblematic of an unpoliceable platform — and a broken business model

For years, Twitter’s problems were overshadowed by those of its much larger rival social network, Facebook. Not anymore: The past year has brought a parade of bad press for the blue bird, from the ouster of its CEO to an ownership battle with Elon Musk to a federal whistleblower complaint.

And on Tuesday, we learned the San Francisco-based firm tried to develop an adult-content service — only to scuttle it amid concerns over its inability to police child pornography.

For a major global tech company, one of the few things more embarrassing than being forced to turn to porn to boost revenue is proving incapable of doing so.

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Self-harm posts are surging on Twitter, despite breaking content rules
A Twitter user in apparent distress turned to the social media platform earlier this month to mull their next steps: “might just let my Razors win tonight” the user said in a tweet that racked up more than 1,500 likes, 20 comments and 25o retweets.

The post was an example of what researchers from the Network Contagion Research Institute and Rutgers University say is a dramatic rise in recent months of tweets related to self-harm. In a new report, the researchers said they have detected a Twitter community that is increasingly posting graphic photos, with hashtags, that reveal bloody self-injury practices. The tweets are garnering unusually high engagement given the small number of followers of the accounts, the report found.

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