.PRO continues to soar with premium auction results

[news release] RegistryPro’s recent premium auction of one-, two-, and three-character domain names is the most successful .PRO auction to date.

Held in conjunction with GoDaddy.com, the auction began on January 10, 2012, and concluded on January 17. The seven-day event had opening bids ranging from $50-$5,000 in U.S. dollars with bidding activity reaching a frenzy in the final hours of the auction. The stand out sale was Go.pro, which sold for $40,000.

Karim Jiwani, president of RegistryPro, said, “We are ecstatic about the sale of Go.pro and can’t wait to see what the buyer does with the domain. Registrants of .PRO domains tend to be innovative in their use of the TLD, and we have high hopes for the development of all the domains that were sold in the auction.”

Go.pro is the highest sale of a .PRO domain to date and was won by a private buyer. The Go.pro sale, with 64 bids, represents the second-highest reported non-.com domain sale of the year, based on sales reported to DNjournal.com.

“The success of the auction was not a surprise. There is real value in the extension and we still have a lot of great .PRO domains. The results of this auction are just the beginning of what .PRO is poised to do in the coming year,” added Jiwani.

Other notable .PRO sales from this auction include XXX.pro, which sold for $18,903 (with 125 bids), and Job.pro, which sold for $5,456 (with 91 bids). RegistryPro is planning another auction to be held in the second quarter of 2012.

“The .PRO auction was very successful,” said Paul Nicks, Go Daddy’s Director of Product Development for the Aftermarket. “Go Daddy’s auction platform was a great fit for RegistryPro‘s event. There has been some fascinating buzz around the .PRO top-level domain, and .PRO gives our customers another option to build their business online.”

RegistryPro launched the .PRO domain in 2004. Since then, .PRO has become an important tool for businesses, organizations and individuals in building trusted relationships throughout the world and is reserved exclusively for use by the professional community.

Registrations for .PRO domains are restricted to registrants with proof of professional identity. Tens of thousands of professionals worldwide choose .PRO to enhance their online identity.

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