Privacy Shield data pact gets European approval

A revised pact governing EU-US data flows has been approved by European governments.The Privacy Shield agreement replaces the previous accord, called Safe Harbour, that was struck down in October 2015.Safe Harbour let US companies self-certify that they were doing enough to protect data about Europeans.The European Court of Justice threw out Safe Harbour after leaks showed data was being spied upon. see:EU-U.S. commercial data transfer pact clears final hurdle
A commercial data transfer pact provisionally agreed by the EU executive and the United States in February received the green light from EU governments on Friday, the European Commission said, paving the way for it to come into effect next week.Its introduction should end months of legal limbo for companies such as Google, Facebook and MasterCard after the EU’s top court struck down the previous data transfer framework, Safe Harbour, on concerns about intrusive U.S. surveillance.

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