Privacy Officials Worldwide Press Google About Glass

Ten government privacy and data protection officials from seven countries have asked Google to address privacy concerns related to its wearable computing device, Glass.The letter was sent to Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, by 10 commissioners from Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Israel and Switzerland. It comes after a letter sent by eight members of Congress in May raising similar questions about Glass and privacy. see:Privacy authorities issue Google a ‘please explain’ on Glass
Ten privacy authorities from countries including Australia, Canada, and Israel have sent a joint letter to Google asking the company to address privacy concerns over Google Glass.In a letter addressed to Google CEO Larry Page, 10 privacy authorities from across the globe have asked Google a series of questions to address ongoing privacy concerns over Google Glass.The US$1,500 wearable device is not even in the market yet, but it has already attracted criticism that the camera included in the device will lead to invasions of privacy for anyone around a person who is wearing Google Glass.

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