Privacy for Internet names moves forward

Privacy for Internet names moves forward (AP)
Associated Press have a widely published story on the proposed Whois changes that begins “Many owners of Internet addresses face this quandary: Provide your real contact information when you register a domain name and subject yourself to junk or harassment. Or enter fake data and risk losing it outright.” It notes that this may be about to change with the Task Force on Whois policy recommendations that “endorsed a proposal that would give more privacy options to small businesses, individuals with personal Web sites and other domain name owners.” The article notes discussion will take place on the recommendations in Lisbon, but that “Resolution … could take several more months or even years, with crucial details on implementation still unsettled and a vocal minority backing an alternative.” The article notes back when the addressing system was developed in the 1980s privacy of Whois information wasn’t a consideration as “government and university researchers who dominated the Internet knew one another and didn’t mind sharing personal details to resolve technical problems.”

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