Prism NSA surveillance ‘did not collect European data in bulk’

Europe pressed the US for greater detail on the Prism surveillance scandal on Friday for the first time and was told that data collection on Europeans was not conducted in “bulk” but only in cases of strong suspicion of individual or group involvement in terrorism, cybercrime or nuclear proliferation.At a meeting of US and EU justice and law enforcement officials in Dublin, Viviane Reding, the EU commissioner for justice, said she was satisfied that US collection of metadata via the Verizon mobile phone network was “mainly an American question”. see:Differing Views on Privacy Shape Europe’s Response to U.S. Surveillance Program
Olaf Storbeck, a German columnist, has decided to “ditch Googlemail b/c Prism,” he wrote on Twitter. A London-based writer for Reuters, he is now a customer of Swissmail, a Swiss provider that charges a fee, and he says he is tinkering with a VPN, a virtual private network of the kind used by many corporations.It is too early to say what impact the disclosure of widespread Internet spying in the United States government’s Prism program will have on the European public. Not everyone here is as attuned to privacy issues as Mr. Storbeck. But official European reaction, at least, has been loud and angry.

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