Print, online complement each other

Newspapers have successfully evolved into influential multi-media brands that are uniquely positioned in the modern media landscape, according to research released by the industry today.Newspapers Today Part 2, a follow-up to a 2007 report from industry marketing body The Newspaper Works, found that over the past two years all traditional media had improved their ratings among consumers for being absorbing, dynamic and reputable. see:Beware of newspapers bearing surveys
There’s been more grim reading on the state of the global newspaper industry.USA Today, America’s second-largest paper, is ordering its 1,500 employees to take a week of unpaid leave by the middle of the year. It’s the latest cost-cutting drive by the once thriving national daily as it grapples with tumbling advertising revenue and the shift of readers to online news sites.So it will be with some relief that Australian newspaper journalists read the results of a new survey of reader behaviour here.The study, commissioned by the industry’s peak body Newspaper Works, shows the future is not as grim as everybody seems to believe.In fact, far from it.

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