Pre-Launch of '.my' Second Level Domain Name

MYNIC logoMYNIC have announced they are launching their 2LD service starting with the Priority Entry period from 9am, 1st November 2007 till 5pm, 31st December 2007.
The introduction of second level domain names registration is a result of the joint consultative process done by MYNIC and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ( with the public.
ONLY existing third level ‘.my’ domain name registrants will qualify to register the equivalent second level domain name during the Priority Entry period subject to specified terms and conditions. All third level domain names registered up to 5pm, 26th October 2007 and are active at the point of application of second level domain name are eligible for the Priority Entry period.
Please be informed that all domain names are reserved and the equivalent second level is not available for registration by non-government entities.
In cases where there are multiple applications for the same second level domain name, priority will be given to the registrant with the earliest registered third level domain name.
All Priority Entry applications are made via our Resellers. Fees for second level domain name will only be charged upon successful registration of the second level domain name and is set by Resellers subject to a maximum cap of RM120. Please look around for the service and payment packages (such as registration, renewal and refund fees) most suitable for you.
Timetable for implementation:-

Milestone Duration Remarks
Pre Priority Entry period announcement 17 September 2007 6 weeks prior notice to the public
Eligibility cut off date 5pm, 26 October 2007 Registrants who are entitled to apply during the Priority Entry Period are entities or individuals who have registered their third level ‘.my’ domain names with MYNIC before or by 5:00 pm on 26 October 2007 and are active at the point of application of second level domain name
Priority Entry Period 9am, 1 November 2007 to 5pm, 31 December 2007 Accept applications from existing customers applying for domain names of an exact match with their current third level domain names
Post Priority Entry Period 9 Jan 2008 to 29 February 2008 Compilation, review and process Priority Entry Period applications
Public Launch March 2008 Acceptance of applications from public on first-come-first-served basis

**MYNIC reserves the right to make changes to the above
For more details on how to apply, click here.
Please check our website regularly for any updates.
For queries about this service, please e-mail MYNIC at, or call 03-8991 7272 or fax 03-8991 7277
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