Positions on Icann, the Internet addressing agency, are open

Has the novelty of the Internet worn off? Vinton Cerf suspects that after 30-some years, it may well have. The International Herald Tribune reports that “[f]or this reason and others, Cerf recorded a video”, available on YouTube, “in which he tries to drum up enthusiasm for applying for one of the nine open positions at Icann.” The article quotes Cerf as saying there are few higher callings than helping to keep the Internet running smoothly and securely as a board member. However it’s time consuming and hard work.Karl Auerbach is also quoted, and is critical of the way board members are selected to represent internet users around the world. Auerbach favours direct elections of board members, as does Milton Mueller. Both are critical of the nominating committee process. Cerf offers support for the Nom Comm process while Auerbach concludes “Icann has become yet another regulatory body that has been captured by those it is to regulate.” The IHT concludes “What better reason to get involved now, then, and try to change that?”http://iht.com/articles/2007/05/16/technology/ptend17.php

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