Portland, Oregon, Jumps in with .pdx gTLD Proposal

The Greater Portland region in the United States state of Oregon has put its hand up for a gTLD with a push from the local community for the .pdx gTLD.Support for the Portland, Oregon, gTLD, has come mostly from businesses in the region that could possibly benefit from a local gTLD.”Nowhere in the world combines business attractiveness with a livable metro area like Portland. The innovation behind .pdx raises the profile of our city, provides visibility for local businesses, and makes it easier to find the great products, services and features of Portland,” said Sandra McDonough, President & CEO, Portland Business Alliance.Part of their belief in the viability of a regional gTLD is that local search is now the second online activity after email. They say 43 per cent of all search engine results are for locally defined products and services (e.g. “plumber portland”). And when a search is done now, it is difficult for people searching online to distinguish between Portland, Oregon, and Portland, Maine.What is interesting in this application is that unlike most other city or regional gTLD applications is they have made the proposed gTLD unique to Portland, Oregon. This is unlike other city bids such as dotBerlin who have been working with other Berlins around the world.DotPDX is a local group of volunteers who are attempting to garner support, and money, for the bid for a local gTLD. They are expecting the application fee to be anywhere between US$50,000 and $200,000. DotPDX have also given what they believe are the milestones for approval of new gTLDs based on communications from ICANN:

  • October 2008: ICANN issues draft RFP
  • January 2009: ICANN issues official RFP
  • May 2009: ICANN accepts new applications
  • August 2009: New TLDs approved
  • December 2009: .pdx goes live.

More information on the dotPDX bid, and to lend your support, can be found at dot-pdx.org.

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