Pope Warns of Dangers of TV and the internet

… [The Pope] told young people that every day, they not only must face up to the challenges thrown up by the degradation of the physical environment but also those created by the erosion of the social environment.He said alcohol and drug abuse were prevalent problems but warned about the “exaltation of violence and sexual degradation, often presented through television and the internet as entertainment”.”I ask myself, could anyone standing face to face with people who actually do suffer violence and sexual exploitation “explain” that these tragedies, portrayed in virtual form, are considered merely “entertainment?”There is also something sinister which stems from the fact that freedom and tolerance are so often separated from truth. This is fuelled by the notion, widely held today, that there are no absolute truths to guide our lives.”Pope Benedict said that relativism, which indiscriminately gives value to “practically everything” has made “experience” all-important: “Yet, experiences, detached from any consideration of what is good or true, can lead, not to genuine freedom, but to moral or intellectual confusion, to a lowering of standards, to a loss of self-respect, and even to despair.”

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