Polish “SECURE 2011” Conference

NASK logoThe 15th conference on telecommunication and IT security SECURE 2011 is taking place in October. The conference is organised by NASK, the Polish (.PL) registry, and CERT Polska, operating in the framework of the institute.

The international formula, high professional level and current topics caused that SECURE conference has become important and recognized event in the ICT sector. Growing number of conference participants – administrators, security team members and practitioners in this area – reflects the importance and sustaitable development in the IT security.

Last year CERT Polska team received over 12 million incident reports about phishing, spam, DDoS attacks, botnet activity and other threats. We witnessed the attack of Stuxnet that targeted specific control networks, and DDoS attacks of the Anonymous became a real threat for governments. Miscreants continued to improve their techniques and 2011 brought us attacks on e-banking accounts that employed mobile phones.

SECURE is a unique place to exchange opinions on such events with the top experts in the IT security.

Speakers of the SECURE 2011 Conference:

  • Brian Krebs (KrebsOnSecurity) – former reporter of “The Washington Post”, author of a popular blog about internet fraud,
  • Richard Perlotto (Shadowserver Foundation), founder and one of the managers of famous non-profit organization involved in monitoring of threats on the network, information security advisor at Cisco
  • Ryan Seu (Facebook) – member of Facebook security department Participation in the conference gives the access to up-to-date knowledge, possibility to raise qualifications and valuable exchange of experiences.

SECURE 2011 will focus around three main strands: · technical – with particular emphasis on innovative and practical solutions · organization – with an emphasis on seeing new trends in risks, · law – with particular emphasis on the real possibility of prosecution of offenders.

SECURE 2011 will be held on 24-26 October in Warsaw, Adgar Plaza Conference Center, Postępu 17 A.

Current information on the conference is available on: www.secure.edu.pl

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