Police Report Says Five Americans Wanted to Pursue Jihad After Being Inspired by YouTube Videos

A ringleader of the five Washington, D.C.-area men arrested in Pakistan this week was inspired to wage jihad by watching YouTube videos showing attacks on U.S. Army and military installations, according to a Pakistani police report.The “interrogation” report on the five Americans, obtained Friday by Declassified, sheds new light on what spurred the five Americans to leave their homes and fly to Pakistan, apparently on a mission to join forces with Islamic militant groups. After being rejected by two Qaeda-linked terror groups, the five Americans were headed to a Taliban sanctuary in northwest Pakistan on their way to Afghanistan when they were detained by Pakistani authorities.
blog.newsweek.com/blogs/declassified/archive/2009/12/11/police-report-says-five-americans-wanted-to-pursue-jihad-after-being-inspired-by-youtube-videos.aspxAlso see:Terrorist recruiters leverage the Web
Pakistani authorities on Saturday were searching for an insurgent figure believed to have aided five Northern Virginia men who allegedly tried to join al-Qaeda, saying the case could help unravel a growing network of terrorist recruiters who scour the Internet for radicalized young men.Investigators have identified the man, known as Saifullah, as a recruiter for the Pakistani Taliban and said he contacted one of the American men on YouTube, exchanged coded e-mails with the group, invited them to Pakistan and guided them once they arrived.

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