Playing the Name Game: Sometimes, It’s a Losing Effort

E-Commerce Times has a story on the proliferation of often forgettable online businesses, thought up for a desire to have a memorable domain name. Examples given of names to have failed include “Blish, Colib, Diigo, Eskobo, Gliffy, Gootodo, Goowy, Meebo, Noodly, Otavo, Oyogi, Qoop, Renkoo, Skobee, Tioti, Trumba, Woomp, Wrickr, Zlango and Zoozio.”The article begins:
With all the games people play with Internet Over 800,000 High Quality Domains Available For Your Business. Click Here. company names, it’s quite possible that someday no one will be able to spell anything correctly ever again.Perhaps it’s already happening. Ever wonder how many times gross misspellings like “” or “Flickr” show up on eighth-grade spelling tests? Besides wreaking havoc on this country’s educational efforts, is there a reason for all these ridiculous names and spellings?”Certainly the dominant naming trend with Web 1.0 was descriptive names, and nearly all of those companies went belly-up, since it’s nearly impossible to build a compelling brand from a descriptive name,” Jay Jurisich, cofounder and creative director of the naming and branding Email Marketing Software – Free Demo agency Igor, told the E-Commerce Times. “Now the search is on for memorable names, but many companies are so poorly named that they rapidly disappear into oblivion.”In regards to the list of names above, Jurisich asks “How in hell are you supposed to remember, or even care in the first place, what Eskobo does, what makes Renkoo special, and what differentiates Otavo from Oyogi from Qoop?”To read the full article in E-Commerce Times, click here.

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