Players Gamble on Honesty, Security of Internet Betting

Whenever Todd Witteles signed on to an Internet poker site, the first thing he did was look around for inexperienced players. One day in August 2007, the Las Vegas poker pro thought he had found an easy mark on newcomer using the name “Greycat” was making unusually big bets off weak hands. “He seemed like a bad player who had just been getting incredibly lucky,” Witteles recalled. “When you see someone like Greycat, you stop everything you’re doing to play.”But in a series of one-on-one games, Witteles quickly found himself down $15,000. Worse, Greycat began taunting him. Soon, some of Witteles’s online poker friends began wondering publicly whether Greycat was cheating. It was almost as though he could see Witteles’s hole cards.It turned out that was exactly what Greycat was doing. After months of pressure from a small group of players who took it upon themselves to investigate the claims, AbsolutePoker was forced to admit that a cheater had cracked its software, and it refunded $1.6 million to Witteles and dozens of other players.

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