Plans to relax registration rules for .pt

DNS PT has been made aware of plans to relax the rules for registering .pt domain names at the second level (for example, It had been planned for these changes to go live on February 1, 2008 with a Sunrise period and a Go Live date for unrestricted registration on March 1, 2008. However these dates have been put back as the .pt registry consults further with the community. From what we understand, the changes will still take place, but at a date yet to be determined.

Current registration rules for .pt domain names restrict registrations to two categories. These are:

  • companies incorporated in any jurisdiction with the same name as the domain name
  • owners of a matching Trade Mark registered in any jurisdiction.

Registration of a domain name under is already unrestricted. will bring you further updates as they happen. And if you wish to register a .pt domain name, check out the Europe Registry website here.