Plan to Curb Internet Piracy Advances in France

French lawmakers are poised to approve a law to create the world’s first surveillance system for Internet piracy, one that would force Internet service providers in some cases to disconnect customers accused of making illegal downloads.The proposal, called the “Création et Internet” and known informally as the “three strikes” directive, has won preliminary votes by the Parliament and is expected to be approved in both houses Thursday. It has support from the governing party of President Nicolas Sarkozy. may ban illegal downloaders from internet
Anyone who downloads films and music in France without paying will face up to a year’s ban from the internet under a disputed law that is to be approved by the French parliament today.Hollywood and the music industry are behind President Sarkozy’s “three strikes and you’re out” scheme for curbing the illegal use of entertainment. may ban music pirates from using the internet
Anyone repeatedly caught illegally downloading films and music in France could be cut off from the internet if a new bill is passed by parliament this week.The bill would give French authorities powers to trace illegal downloads and cut repeat offenders off from the internet for a period of two months to one year. Those cut off would have to continue to pay for internet access for the duration of their suspension.

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