.PL Domains Get Safer With Registry Lock

.PL domain names got an added layer of security recently with the introduction of a registry lock by the .pl domain registry, NASK.

The registry lock provides an extra layer of protection at the registry level against unauthorised or accidental administrative changes of a domain name, attempted deletion or takeover due to, for example, a cyberattack, error or unauthorised action of third parties. The service prevents from executing certain actions on a domain name without an explicit consent of the subscriber. It involves verification of any changes to the records for your domain name before they take place.

The .pl Registry Lock, like those offered by another top-level domain registries, blocks the following activities within the .pl domain Registry:

  • removal of a paid domain name
  • change of subscriber’s data
  • change of the domain name’s subscriber
  • ability to transfer the service to another registrar
  • ability to change the delegation of a domain name
  • ability to delete and change IP of a name server established in the locked domain name so far it is entered in the delegation of that domain name.

The registry lock can be removed at any time by the registrar upon the registrant’s request. To activate the Registry Lock, registrants should contact their registrar and their may be additional fees required. The .pl Registry Lock is offered only by .pl domain registrars cooperating with NASK.