Pirate Party rejects Swedish plan to snitch on file-sharers

The Swedish ministers of Justice and Culture made a statement in a Swedish newspaper editorial late last week calling for the government to establish a legal framework that would enable courts to order ISPs to reveal the IP addresses of file-sharers. The Swedish Pirate Party issued a response on its own web site, condemning the government for making a “declaration of war against an entire young generation of voters… on behalf of the American film and record companies.”The Swedish government has recently expressed concern about the growing perception that the country is a safe haven for peer-to-peer file-sharing. This proposal provides insight into the sort of legislation that the government intends to craft in its effort to address the issue. The government has also recently launched a legal assault against The Pirate Bay, a widely-known Swedish BitTorrent tracker that has fearlessly continued to operate despite prior raids and countless threats.

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