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PIR To Apply For .NGO TLD

Public Interest Registry .ORG logoPublic Interest Registry have announced they will be applying for the .NGO top level domain when ICANN begins taking applications next year, and if successful, will operate the new TLD in conjunction with the existing .ORG TLD they manage.

PIR describes .NGO as an exclusive domain address for self-identified non-government organisations worldwide that are looking for a unique online signature to be immediately recognised and to broaden opportunities for public participation, funding and contributions. The closed domain will serve as a complementary venue to .ORG, enabling millions of NGOs worldwide to broaden their audiences and make an even stronger societal impact in any way they can.

PIR say they are applying for the new TLD as they believe they are in the best situation to operate such a registry, as they are a not-for-profit registry that shares the values of NGOs.

Since their establishment in 2002, PIR has been serving the public interest and not-for-profit organisations, including those in the underserved markets. They claim to understand the needs and wants of the NGO community and have a longstanding track record of running a stable, trusted registry that empowers non-profit organizations to build a community around a shared interest, value or passion. The pursuit of .NGO is, they say, a natural next step in our steadfast commitment to serving in the public’s interest.

However there is a proposal for a .NGO TLD (see dotNGO.net) with similar goals. Although the likelihood they will have the financial muscle to compete with PIR is doubtful. DotNGO is an initiative started by Dr Victoria Harris who is the founder of international NGO Article 25, a UK registered charity that designs, builds, and manages projects to provide better shelter wherever there is disaster, poverty, or need.